Anthony Graybosch

Sr Data Science Consultant

Exelon Corporation


Anthony Graybosch is a Senior Consulting Data Scientist at Exelon Utilities Customer Analytics, where he works on revenue prediction and on machine learning model fairness and interpretability. Previously, Anthony spent two years working in the automotive sector, where he created a model optimizing utilization of engine testing machines, enabling customer savings of at least $10M/year. Before then, Anthony worked for two years in the insurance industry, focusing on applying anomaly detection and natural language processing to actuarial problems. Anthony’s hands on experience, and love for mathematical detail, provide him with insight into how different layers of the data science chain should come together to produce a good, and relevant, model. Anthony holds a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Minnesota, an M.S. in theoretical physics, is currently ABD in physics, and is the co-owner, with Hershel Canine Graybosch, of Graybosch LLC, a small data science and educational services consultancy.


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