Working Safely in the New Normal

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020
1:00pm EDT
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Watch this 10 minute video from IBM - Working Safely in the New Normal. Feel free to ask questions in the discussion forum below - speakers will be responding as quickly as they can. View this video by the end of the day on June 9 and get entered to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

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Abbie Caracostas
Abbie Caracostas

IBM has some additional content resources available on their Sponsor Profile page – view them at

Chris Fischer
Chris Fischer

How do you adhere to HIPPA without a major commitment to privacy and data security?

Bryan Sacks
Bryan Sacks

Hi Chris. Your comment is spot on and many of the solutions being looked at have significant implications to privacy and other HR policies. This comes up in almost every engagement and we advocate a deep partnership between HR, the Workforce and Unions where applicable, to tackle these issues before technology can be introduced. We do have services that can help utilities define these policies however we have also designed our solution from the ground up to help ease these challenges. For example, the Worker Insight solution relies on edge processing so that the video and data is never transmitted… Read more »

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