Dr. Rudy Shankar

Energy Systems Engineering

sh (“Rudy”) Shankar is the Director of the Energy Institute at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, responsible for coordinating research projects between the energy industry; facilitating technology transfer, concept demonstrations, cross-industry studies, and annual solicitation of ongoing and additional industrial support. The Institute supports the 10-month, 30-credit Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) in Energy. In this capacity, his responsibilities include development of course curriculum and industry projects. He was a Professor with the Energy Production Infrastructure Center (EPIC) at University of North Carolina Charlotte.

He was previously the Vice President and Chief Technology Advisor for the Tennessee Valley Authority and duties included to manage renewable energy technology, developing electric transportation & infrastructure, consumer innovation, technologies for power generation and power delivery. His previous appointments included: President/CEO of Signatech Systems and led the efforts to develop requirements for asset management and fleet-wide monitoring for a large Asian utility (30 GW capacity); consulted with the U.N. IAEA on nuclear power requirements for developing countries. He was a Program Manager for fossil- and nuclear-generation sectors for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and a Market Director for EPRI. Prior to that, Dr. Shankar worked for Honeywell, Inc., AMF, Inc., managing R&D for defense-related applications as well a for development of commercial and recreational products.

Dr. Shankar completed his undergraduate work at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi; Ph.D. in Applied Sciences from the University of Delaware, and an MBA at Queens University in an Executive-sponsored Program. Dr Shankar has attended Leadership Development course at Eckerd College and project management training. He has published over 200 reports and papers and presented at various international forums. He has conducted power industry-related training courses & workshops around the globe in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


May 8, 2019

12:30  -  2:00

Grand Ballroom CD

Lunch & General Session 5: Predictive Analytics: Applications in the Power Industry

The electric power grid is witnessing enormous challenges in integrating new bi-directional energy resources that are more intermittent than former central generating stations, and simultaneously supplying reliable and resilient energy under rigorous climate change demands. This session will focus on how predictive analytics has played a vital role in managing asset health for over a … Continued

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