Judith Schwartz

To the Point

Judith Schwartz is President of To the Point, a human-centered design consultancy focused on consumer engagement with sustainability, Smart Grid, renewables, time variant rates, privacy, and the digital home. Working at the nexus of public policy, technology, communications, and business; she consults to utilities, national organizations, and research companies. Her work includes meta-analyses, best practice assessments, case studies and program design for such groups as the Low Income Energy Issues Forum, Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid, Smart Electric Power Alliance, the Institute for Electric Efficiency, IEEE, Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative, and U.S. Department of Energy. She is Vice Chair of the Palo Alto Utility Advisory Commission and a graduate of Cornell University.


May 6, 2019

1:00  -  4:00


PC3: Data Analytics for Consumer Benefit

Energy providers and consumers experience the conundrum of data wealth and information poverty –this is especially true in the energy sector. Consumers tell us they want more information but what they’re given is often raw data, such as portal data on kilowatts used. Facilitators from SECC and Entergy  will work with attendees to help them … Continued

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