Abhay Gupta


Abhay Gupta founded Bidgely, with the mission of leveraging data to transform the utility industry. Today, Bidgely is the indispensable innovation partner for UtilityAI. As CEO of Bidgely, Abhay has led the company from concept to market leadership. Prior to Bidgely, Abhay worked at a combination of energy and technology companies including Grid Net, Echelon and Sun Microsystems. He holds a B. Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, M.S. from University of Southern California and M.B.A. from Santa Clara University.


May 7, 2019

11:15  -  12:00


204: Artificial Intelligence-Driven Personalized Customer Engagement, Grid Planning, and Monetizing Opportunities

The industry has moved from theory to practice in driving key decisions through a data-driven process. Smart Meters, installed on the premise that data will be used to provide customer and utility value, offer potential; however, techniques applied to smart meter data are still in their infancy. Utilities have yet to realize the full value … Continued

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