8:30  -  11:15

May 6, 2019

Meet in Promenade

Tour: Duke Innovation Center – Optimist Hall

Duke’s newest Innovation Center, Optimist Hall, is a far cry from a traditional high rise in a bustling downtown metropolis. Optimist Hall is a former pantyhose factory that has been transformed in to a sleek new workspace filled with natural light and no barriers or silos to prevent employee collaboration.

This space houses around 400 employees, many of whom work in technology and customer solutions. Many workers, ranging from nuclear engineering to human resources, rotate in and out of the facility, depending on the project they’re working on. But the bulk of them are in tech, working on everything from artificial intelligence to programming drones to survey solar farms.

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at how Duke has changed the way their employees interact and how they have unleashed creativity and innovation in a non-traditional environment.

These valuable tours are open to all UA Summit participants.  A $50.00 fee will apply for this tour. Pre-registration is required and space is limited. Register early!