1:00  -  4:00

May 6, 2019


PC2: Introduction to Agile Methods and Frameworks and their Application in Utilities

Session Category :  Pre Conference Training Course 

Please join us for a 3 hour workshop focused on various aspects of “Agility” and its application not only in the existing utility system but the utility system of the future embracing distributed generation, interoperability, and the internet of things.  In this session we will provide an introduction to Agility, Scrum and Kanban and supporting case studies where it has been applied with success in both information technology, manufacturing, and operations.  The workshop is structured to start with the basics and then provided detail. This is the flow of the workshop:
Agile Mindset
The Evolution of Agility
The Agile Values and Principles
Lean and the pillars of continuous Improvement
Scrum Framework, Roles, Events, and Artifacts
Kanban Methods, history and application
The outcomes after completing this session you:
• Should understand the basics of agility and its origins.
• Should understand the importance of mindset and interaction.
• Should be able reference some case studies that are applicable to your domain.
• Should be able to identify the difference between Scrum and Kanban.
• Should be able to identify which framework/method is best for your situation.
If you are looking to gain an understanding of what Agility is beyond the buzzwords and hype this workshop will provide foundational knowledge and how it has and can be applied in both the regulated and unregulated utility markets.

Here is your chance to add supplemental content to your UA Summit event experience.  Attend a pre-conference workshop as a stand-alone course or as a complement to your conference package. These three hour industry-leading courses, conducted by leading practitioners with real-world utility experience, are aimed at topics and challenges faced by analytics professionals.

 Additional fees apply for this training course. Pre-registration is required and space is limited. Register early!