12:30  -  2:00

May 8, 2019

Grand Ballroom CD

Lunch & General Session 5: Predictive Analytics: Applications in the Power Industry

Session Category :  General Session 

The electric power grid is witnessing enormous challenges in integrating new bi-directional energy resources that are more intermittent than former central generating stations, and simultaneously supplying reliable and resilient energy under rigorous climate change demands. This session will focus on how predictive analytics has played a vital role in managing asset health for over a decade, enhancing safety and reducing O&M costs. Its application to managing distributed energy resources and to optimize customer requirements– reducing peak demand, reducing carbon footprint– are the next frontiers. This session will visit the successes so far and the opportunities that lie ahead, with focus on implementation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Successful application of predictive analytics in the field, lessons learned, sample ROI examples
  • The promise of predictive analytics in managing electric power industry assets
  • Future energy workforce needs