11:30  -  12:30

May 8, 2019


704: Correlational Analysis of Deployed Frequency Variation Sensors

Session Category :  Emerging Technologies 

A number of cyberaware sensors have been designed, developed and deployed around the nation’s electric grid. These simple, inexpensive IoT sensors submit their time- and geo-location stamped frequency, voltage, and phase readings to a cybersecure cloud repository. Authorized users – with crypto-locked “viewers” – may access the data repository for immediate viewing and/or analysis of the measurements. Of particular note are system trends observed in correlational analysis of the measurements. The sensors, system, and results will be presented in this session.
Session Takeaways:
  • Observable trends from geo-distributed grid deployed sensors.
  • The interplay between cybersecurity, cyberaware sensors, and information bearing cloud repositories.
  • Utility operational benefits associated with correlational mathematics applied to inexpensive sensor readings.