11:30  -  12:30

May 8, 2019


702: Unlocking the Consumer Benefits of Data Analytics

Session Category :  Foundational Analytics 

From smart meters, Customer Information Systems and other sources, energy data is now more widely available than ever before. This trove of data is already delivering benefits to consumers, including more accurate billing and more reliable forecasts and alerts, but looking forward, what do consumers really want to see from this data in terms of programs & services? In this session, we will discuss findings from a survey on what consumers want their utilities to do with their energy usage and how consumers feel about data privacy, data sharing and related topics. This session will also provide recommendations on improving customer engagement in analytics-driven programs & services.
Key Takeaways
  • What’s most important to consumers as it relates to data-driven programs & services
  • What analytics-driven programs consumers are most likely to participate in
  • How consumers feel about sharing their usage data with utilities and third parties
  • Key recommendations for utilities to maximize customer engagement in analytics-driven programs