11:30  -  12:30

May 8, 2019

Grand Ballroom A

701: Development of Analytics Roadmap – the Enbridge Gas Story

Session Category :  Analytics Building Blocks 

Analytics capabilities are growing exponentially and so does the demand for analytics within organizations. In such environments the most prudent thing to do is to develop analytics specific vision for the organization focusing on how analytics can be leveraged to change the way we do business and achieve great levels of efficiency and business growth. Analytics roadmap details the small and big steps that need to happen, in the short and long run to make that vision a reality. At Enbridge, we have recently embarked on a journey to develop that vision and roadmap. In this session I would share the story of the challenges and resolutions, the alternatives and choices, the engagements and involvements in developing and executing the roadmap.

Key Takeways:

  • The methodology of developing an analytics roadmap
  • Major decision factors that need to be considered
  • Stakeholder engagement, collaboration and time commitments in developing a roadmap
  • Understanding of the underlying challenges ,resolutions, alternatives and choices