9:15  -  10:15

May 8, 2019


506: Reinvent Vegetation Management with AI and Hyper-Spectral Analytics at Utility Scale

Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) has always been a critical function for utilities. It is, however, increasingly top of mind with utility company executives looking to mitigate the escalating costs and risks posed by vegetation. Due to economic and logistic challenges, utilities often have limited insight into their actual state of vegetation leading to significant inefficiencies in the UVM process. In this session, you will discover a new data driven approach to understanding the state of vegetation, that cost effectively scales across a utilities entire service territory.

Key topics:

  • Leveraging massive geospatial temporal data sets, including multi-band satellite, areal imagery, weather and GIS
  • Demo – Hyper-spectral analytic and artificial intelligence techniques to isolate encroaching vegetation and determine important attributes including tree heights and growth rates
  • Field validation results – Applying these techniques in both transmission and distribution at Oncor, a leading US Utility
  • Business processes impacted by this new level of insight