9:15  -  10:15

May 8, 2019


505: Two Analytical Approaches for Lead Generation: Image Analytics for Pool Pump Promotion & Firmographics for Non-res Lead Generation

Session Category :  Duke Energy Showcase 

The team at Duke Energy will share two recent analytics use cases: The first will share a recent project where they used a machine learning model to identify in-ground swimming pool from aerial imagery to solve a business problem. The second, will share how they leveraged business analytics related to small-medium and large businesses to drive customer engagement and revenue growth for utilities using firmographics data.
Attendees will walk away better understanding:
  • How to identify business problems that can be effectively solved by machine learing
  • How to use internal and external firmogrpahic data for non-residential businesses to identify programs relevant to them
  • How to develop intelligent lead identification, evaluate new growth opportunities in existing programs and old programs.
  • How to use load normalization, load disaggregation, and other analytics techniques to improve engagement and revenues.