2:00  -  3:00

May 7, 2019

Grand Ballroom A

301: Analytics Guardianship

Session Category :  Analytics Building Blocks 

Whilst data governance is becoming more prevalent and mature within utilities (driven in part by analytics wanting to see all of your data) the concept of analytics governance is still relatively new.

In this presentation we plan to lay out some top of mind questions that come up as utilities grapple with build versus buy analytics decisions and the necessary framework you need to develop and deploy to ensure the proper analytics governance strategy is in place.

Also as utilities are maturing in terms of their in-house analytical capabilities coupled with the movement to a more digitized (big data) utility the framework will help ensure that analytics does not undo your data governance efforts and your analytics teams do not become a shadow I.T. organization.
Attendees will learn:
  • The difference between data governance and analytics governance
  • How analytics governance is different when you build versus buy analytics
  • Analytics guardianship is the combination of data and analytics governance