10:00  -  11:00

May 7, 2019


105: Enterprise Distribution System Health

Session Category :  Duke Energy Showcase 

Duke Energy’s “Enterprise Distribution System Heath” program is a study in unleashing the synergistic power of merging a geospatial platform with Big Data analytics. This tool is leveraged by Power Quality and Reliability engineers across the company seeking to improve the performance of the electrical distribution system. Duke was searching for a solution to help engineers identify and proactively mitigate areas of disproportionately negative performance or “pockets of poor performance”. The industry standard was to analyze performance with system wide metrics that unfortunately blended the good with the bad performance. The solution would need to differentiate the two in geographical space so that the root causes of poor performance can be identified and remediated. After several evolutions of the concept, the development team arrived at a solution to blend the Big Data analytics, charts, graphs and insights with the geospatial platform. Providing engineers with the ability to drill down from regional analysis all the way to the individual customer level and view this performance on a map was a major win for the company. It enables the ability to respond to reactive customer complaints as well as to proactively and objectively plan investments to improve infrastructure. The product has not yet reached the complete potential of its value proposition, there is much more to come in this revolutionary program.

Any company with multiple performance criteria that are tied to entities with positions in space can benefit from learning about how geographical differences in performance may be visualized.