10:00  -  11:00

May 7, 2019

104: Automate and Analytics for Distribution Energy Resources

Session Category :  Emerging Technologies 

The incorporation and improved management of DERs is key to provide resiliency to customers. Entergy has embarked upon incorporating emerging DER and related technologies in a way that enhances grid automation while providing the operational learning and experience to be able to leverage these technologies to deliver a new generation of products and services for its customers. A vendor-agnostic automation and data analytics control layer, based on the concepts of openness, interoperability and distributed intelligence, to manage existing DERs that leverages the same technology and automated controls that will support its future Customer Insights and Solutions expansion has been undertaken.
We will discuss how this new platform:
  • Facilitate the use of analytics
  • Improves control and automation
  • Enhances and leverages interoperability with other present and future distribution assets and systems such as an EMS, ADMS, DERMS, AMI, etc.