10:00  -  11:00

May 7, 2019


102: Exelon Utilities Analytics Academy – Concept to Reality

Session Category :  Foundational Analytics 

Our strategy with the analytics academy pilot was to determine an innovative way to engage our employees in a training platform and program that is different than anything we have done here at Exelon Utilities in the past. We knew that beyond the importance of delivering the outcomes from the formal Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) domains, and buildout the data analytics platform, that we are just starting this journey as an organization. When we get this right, our employees will understand the opportunity and application of analytics, have the right tools, and support our future digital shift. There is no playbook here and as a result we are leading our industry with this pilot and many cross-industry companies have expressed interest in our analytics academy. We could not be prouder of our employees that have embraced this opportunity, our sponsors for making this a priority, our partners and teams for the hard work and leadership courage to push a different program here to drive analytics outcomes.

In this presentation we will share lessons learned on how we are working to upskill our talent, developing an analytics community of practice, extracting hidden value from our internal talent, and showcase success stories.