10:00  -  11:00

May 7, 2019

102: Distribution Transformer Health Monitoring and Predicative Asset Maintenance

Session Category :  Foundational Analytics 

Distribution transformer is the most vital asset in any electrical distribution network and hence, distribution transformer health monitoring and load management are critical aspects of smart-grids. Transformer health monitoring becomes more challenging for smaller transformers where attaching expensive health monitoring devices to the transformer is not economically justified. The addition of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in smart-grids offers significant visibility to the status of distribution transformers. However, leveraging vast amount of AMI data can be daunting. This session will show how the hourly usage data collected from Ameren Illinois’ AMI meters can be used to determine distribution transformer outage, failure, and overload. The proposed methodology not only detects and visualizes outage and congested areas in near real-time but also detects transformers and distribution areas with a long history of outage and congestion. This paper also offers a predictive algorithm to enhance regular equipment maintenance schedules and reduce repair truck trips for unscheduled maintenance during unplanned incidents like storms. SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Visual Analytics were used to efficiently produce the information necessary for operational decision making from gigabytes of smart meter data.

Key Takeaways:

  • How AMI data can leveraged in distribution planning
  • Distribution transformer health monitoring
  • Use case for AMI Data
  • Predictive analytics for distribution assets