10:00  -  11:00

May 7, 2019

Grand Ballroom A

101: Increasing Analytic Maturity Through Technology Adoption

Session Category :  Analytics Building Blocks 

Over the last two years Consumers Energy has been building out a Data Lake, bringing in data sets from across the enterprise (including smart meter reads and events, customer demographics, billing, rates, and program participation, HR data, work order information, etc.) and empowering data scientists and analysts to access and analyze the data. As the lake has been built out, a need for the ability to self-serve through a variety of analytic tools and a framework for up-skilling current employees has emerged, requiring shifts in the overall technology architecture and strategy. This presentation will focus on that progression and discuss lessons learned along the way.
Session Takeaways:
  • Data Lake Technology Wins & Lessons Learned
  • Self-Service Analytic Tools & Strategy
  • Mobilizing Analytic talent across the enterprise with existing technologies